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As a builder, you show your support for Swenson through a small one-off payment of €130 which will get you…

1 — Your name or that of your company (and website) printed in the back of our upcoming issue.

2 — Two copies of that issue sent to you anywhere in the world (worth €48).

3 — The official Swenson First Member card + Builder badge

4 — A secret preview of the cover a day before the launch.

5 — A big thank you from the bottom of our indie publisher hearts.

We have a limited number of 35 builder slots per issue (first-come, first-served). This is a one-off payment and your name will be printed in our upcoming issue only. To get started, click on the button bellow. You will be taken to our online store page to confirm your payment. Make sure you enter your correct shipping address to receive your copy of the issue when it ships.

Please understand that a refund is not possible more than 24h after the payment. We reserve the right to decline entries that do not comply with our desired format (in which case you’ll be refunded, of course).

Thank you!